Executive Board

David Castel
President of the Chamber

Chairman of the Israeli-Scandinavian Maritime Agency, the representative of international shipping companies in Israel.

Born in 1947 to the Castel family – core Hebron inhabitants.

Graduate of the Haifa Technion – BSc and MSc in Industrial Engineering and a former Major of the IDF reserve armor corps.

Honorary consul of Sweden in Israel and has been knighted by the King of Sweden.

Prior to being elected as the President of the Chamber of Commerce of Haifa and the North (January 2015), held the positions of Chamber's Vice President, Vice President of Israel's Shipping Chamber, and Chairman of Haifa's Tourism Association Marketing Committee.

Shimon Behar
Vice President

In the last 25 years Owner and CEO of Soflex Ltd., a company dealing in the development, manufacturing, import and sales of contact lenses, and spectacle lenses and frames. The company, located in the Bar-Lev Industrial Zone, exports its products to 50 countries and employs a staff of 80.

Previously, managed several optics chains in the UK and the Czech Republic.

Since the acquisition Soflex by the CooperVision company last year, holds the position as CEO if CooperVision Israel Ltd.

A member of the European Contact Lens Industry Union. Previously served as the Union’s President. In parallel, served as Chairman of the Optics Industry Steering Committee of the Export Institute and sat on the board of the Optics Manufacturers and Importers Association.

At present, is a member of the board of the Small Business Development Center.

An IDF reserves Lieutenant Colonel with an MBA from the Liverpool University, UK.

Elias Makhoul
Vice President

Born in 1950. Resides in Jadeidi-Makr. Married, a father of four and grandfather of seven.

Graduated from the Haifa Teachers Seminar and has the Tel-Aviv University Teachers' Instructor Certificate.

An employee of the Ministry of Education (1971 – 1988): teacher, housemaster, deputy principal and Hebrew instructor in schools in the North of Israel.

Since 1989, CEO of Naji Makhoul & Sons Ltd., established in 1983 and incorporating, among its other activities: trading, marketing and export of agricultural products, a garage for trucks, seats for vehicles, real estate, import agencies, daycare management and more.

A certified exporter since 1992. An approved exporter since 2000.

Graduated (externally) from the Haifa University in Local Government Administration. BA in multidisciplinary studies from the Haifa University.

Board Member of the Chamber since 1998.

Graduate of the Directors' training course and the Israeli Institute course on expert opinions and mediation.

Member of the local Council of Jadeidi-Makr.

Shlomo (Shuli) Hasid

Born in 1938 in Haifa. Instrumentation and Automation Practical Engineer. Studied business administration at the Institute of Productivity and Production. A certified customs officer, international forwarder and maritime insurance agent.

Upon completion of the military service in the IDF Navy, relocated to Italy on a mission from the Ministry of Defense and the aerospace industry. Completing the assignment in the early '80s, joined the management of the family customs clearance company – B. Hasid & Sons Ltd. In 1997, was joined by his son Tal, an import specialist, changing the company name to Tal S. Hasid Agencies Ltd.

Committee member and Treasurer of the Haifa and North Branch of the Israeli Federation of International Freight Forwarders & Customs Clearing Agents.

Michael Marcovici
Presidium Member

Born in 1952 in Tiberias, resides in Haifa since 1956.

Founder & Owner of M. Marcovici Agencies Ltd. – importer & exporter of non-ferrous metals representing leading international raw materials companies.

Owner of two of the Marcovici Group companies:- M.A.L.Y  Marcovici import & marketing Ltd – importer of materials and equipment for metal finishing works; and A.V.Y.L.Y import & marketing Ltd. –  importer of polyester and various related additives.

Haifa University graduate in social sciences and mathematics – Department of Israel Studies and Political Science.

Honorary Counsul of Belgium in Haifa and the North.

Adv. Lior Dahan
Presidium Member

currently studying in the Technion for an MA in Business Management.

A partner in the A. Dahan, L. Dahan and Co. Legal Firm and an IDF reserves Captain.

Lior is an active member of the ISRAEL at HEART organization, participates in the project organized by the Jewish Agency for developing a young Jewish Zionist Leadership, and contributes by providing pro bono legal consulting for the underprivileged.

Our in-house consultant on civil, commercial and labor law.

Zvi Wizner
Presidium Member

Owner and CEO of Wizner building & fencing supplies ltd.

Graduated from of the "Reali" School in Haifa and the "Techni" Air Force Technology College. Served in the IDF Air Force.

In the past (1976-1987), Chairman of Maccabi Haifa's Football Division.

Current posts: Director in the Maccabi Haifa Football Club; Football Association Board Member; Member of the Football Association Secretariat; Board Member of Maccabi Israel and a member of the Haifa Rotary Club.

Eliyahu Hakim
Executive Board Member

Born & raised in Haifa. Maintains the family business tradition – third generation of trading in textiles (Maxim Textile Co., Ltd.) in Haifa since 1932.

As a public activist, Eliyahu leads the efforts of the business sector in Haifa to increase the employment of local suppliers and service providers by public institutions in the city, as well as the struggle to minimize the damage to local businesses caused by municipal infrastructure works.

Eliyahu's grandfather was one of the founders of "Heichal Nathaniel" synagogue in Hadar. Maintaining his legacy, Eliyahu voluntarily sustains and operates the building as a community center for Hadar Hacarmel residents. He is also a Member of Haifa's "Honored Citizen" (Yakir Ha'Ir) Selection Committee and is a Rotary activist (previously, Club President and member of Rotary Israel Governing Body).

Gabi Ben-Harush
Executive Board Member

Gabi Ben-Harush is the Chairman of New Port – Galil Maaravi Ltd. Prior to this nomination, Gabi was the CEO of New Port Transportation Company for 24 years, preceeded by various management responsibilities within the company.

Gabi Chairs the Transport Enterprises Owners Association in Israel since 1997.

The result of this public activity is the legislation of the "Act of transport services in Israel" and a long list of amendments to laws dealing with road safety. During his tenure Gabi has been active in the Knesset's finance and economy committees promoting initiatives of public importance, such as mandatory presence of traffic safety officers and increasing dispatchers' liability.

Gabi, residing in Kiryat Motzkin, is married and a father of seven

Meir Shriki
Executive Board Member

Born in Kiryat Ata (1943), Owner of Shay Transport Ltd. since 1966 dealing in hazardous materials' transportation, storage, transition, and empty packaging handling.

Meir is also the Owner of M. Shriki & Sons Management and Holdings Ltd., managing the companies’ estates.

Public activities: Member of the Order of Freemasons for the past 13 years; currently presiding Chamber of Reuben No. 1 in Haifa.

Hanan Avidan
Executive Board Member

Born in Haifa (1956), owner and CEO of J.H. Avidan Ltd.

Developed a family workshop manufacturing pneumatics and hydraulics accessories into a precision machining plant that executes the production for leading hi-tech companies in Israel.

Resides in Nofit, married, father of four and a grandfather of three.

Graduate of Bosmat Technological High School in Haifa. Regular and reserve military service with the IDF paratroopers.

Yossi Dekel
Executive Board Member

The owner of Yossi Dekel and Co., a firm providing economic consulting and valuation of companies, economic feasibility studies for projects and preparation of business plans, and economic research. Serves as Israeli Court appointed expert providing economic opinions and as a Court appointed business mediator. Previously served as CEO of companies in the field of medical devices and medical services and in management positions in financial institutions.

A graduate of the Department of Statistics and a Master of Business Administration and Real Estate Management at the University of Haifa and has completed many specialization courses in real estate appraisal, insurance, valuation of companies and arbitration.

During the last five years served as Chairman of the Audit Committee of the Chamber of Commerce.



Yehoshua Laniado
Executive Board Member

Founder and CEO (since 1985) of the National Advertising Center – Moked Advertising Ltd., one of the largest offices in Israel in the area of digital advertising and traditional media. The firm employs 30 people and works throughout the country.

Has a BA in Economics and Management from the Faculty of Industry and Management at the Technion. Graduated from the Google Business Partner Course and a member of the Israeli Advertising Association.

Ilan Birman
Executive Board Member

52 years of age divorced +3. Served in the IDF as head of an armament team in a combat
squadron (outstanding soldier). Graduate in Business Administration.
CEO and owner of Zivey Hakeshet Ltd. (founded in 1968). A company specializing in
construction products and Israeli representative of several leading European companies in the
Serves as Honorary Consul of Denmark in Haifa and the North.
In his free time, Ilan provides assistance and contributes to institutions handling youth and
children at risk; he loves architecture, history, and sailing; rides a road bike and plays the

Ido Morag
Executive Board Member

Born in Haifa in 1984. Married. Served in various combatant and commanding ranks in the IDF Duvdevan brigade. Bachelor of Business Administration of the Ruppin Academic Center B.A. Executive Program.

Served as Security Director at the Aviation Authority and in the Ministerial Protective Service. Ido is active in the real estate field for about 11 years, during which he successfully completed training in a diversified variety of fields, including courses in construction and entrepreneurship at the Technion and the Interdisciplinary Center.

The Owner of Morag Properties – an agency providing real estate brokerage and marketing services to private clients and leading entrepreneurial companies, mainly in the city of Haifa.

Volunteers in the community, active in a non-profit organization operating approximately 20 projects a year for underprivileged populations with an emphasis on children and youth at risk.

Hobbies: martial arts (Brazilian Jiu jitsu), reading books, history, and personal development.

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